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Welcome To Motion Lion Media - Video that Builds on your Vision.

We partner with you to make your hard work pay off.

Our Services

Marketing & Branding

People have come to expect video on the web. Potential customers want to be entertained while they learn. The average online, per person, viewing habits have surpassed 16 hours of video content per month and with the explosion of smart phone and tablet use, the potential audience for marketing and brand video content is seemingly endless. Motion Lion Media can help you stand out in the crowd and be on the front edge of that trend. Product information, brand recognition or demonstration videos can leave your competition in the dust. Create some buzz and capture your audience. Turn prospects into customers. Give us a call. Motion Lion Media can help make it happen.

Corporate Training

Whether it's a video solution to new hire orientation or ongoing employee training, Motion Lion Media can partner with you generate high production value content to illustrate, motivate and entertain. Video is a proven cost effective tool and can be used in a number of settings. Going beyond the obvious applications of employee training and motivation, it can also be an effective tool for recruitment, public relations and visitor information. Video can convey information in a shorter amount of time than if delivered live. It can be used within any timetable, can be viewed repeatedly and will present the same specifics without any alterations. Viewers learn quickly and correctly. We deliver value. Give us a call.

Event Video

From theatrical performances and concerts to dance recitals and competitions, Motion Lion Media provides the creative camera work and skilled editing to make the difference. We've built a reputation for quality and personal style that exceeds expectations. You put plenty of time and effort into your event. We will too. Single or multi-camera coverage, professionally edited with custom graphics, then authored into a fully loaded DVD or exported for online delivery, will bring those memories back to life for years to come.
That day only happens once and we'd be honored to be there.

Animated Explainer

Animated explainer video is the perfect tool for explaining the key benefits and features of your product or service. Visitors to your site will only spend about 10 to 20 seconds unless there is something compelling to keep them. In fact, the first 5 seconds are critical. Not engaged? They're gone. Text just doesn't cut it. It's perfect for businesses that are difficult to visualize with live action. Animated characters with eye catching cartoons create a special atmosphere that engages. It adds an emotional component and positive feelings to make the story more memorable. Animated explainer video is the perfect combination of entertainment, nostalgia and simplicity. Give us a call. It works.

Motion Graphics Design

High energy, eye catching, motion graphics can create excitement and paint a clear picture of your story. It can keep your audience engaged while they learn difficult processes or concepts. Hard to visualize information can be reinforced with action that will stick with them.We can build an eye popping sequence, along with the sound design that drives the piece, to pull your audience into your world. It can be as short as a 10 second bumper intro that makes your brand memorable to a longer explanation of your business process. Have some fun. We can brainstorm with you to build a dynamic representation of your story. Get in touch. We're ready to pour on the kinetic energy for you.

Music Video Production

From solo artist with a microphone to rock band with an attitude, Motion Lion Media can design and produce an innovative promotional video that fits your style. It can be a high profile way to get heard and seen by the people who count and we're hard core when it comes to developing your brand into an attention grabbing video representation. In fact, a well produced video can be indispensable for sales and bookings. Motion Lion Media can also provide the full package from your recording. Mixing and mastering to designing the cover art. Motion Lion Media can help drive the sales. Check us out.

Media Transfer

Time is not on your side. VHS tape, other video cassettes or 8mm film reels are not only collecting dust, they're fading away. Time and humidity are the enemies. Also, those old home movies are difficult to view. Who can remember how to set up the projector, does it even work? Do you even have a VHS video player? Motion Lion Media transfers those memories onto DVD, right in our own studio with a fast turnaround. Your DVD will be complete with an interactive menu, chapter points on a custom printed disc. Imagine sharing those priceless memories with your children, relatives and friends on DVD video. Get ready for a trip down memory lane. Call us today to schedule your project.

DVD Authoring

Need a few DVD copies tomorrow? Need 100 discs by next week? No problem. Professional quality DVD or BluRay duplication with direct to disc printed artwork, packaged in a jewel case or paper sleeve. Need to distribute copies of video on flash drive? We can provide and load the content onto the drive, even create custom art work to personalize your distribution. When service, quality, and fast turnaround are the issue, we deliver.
Need some postproduction work? If you have video footage on tape or digital file, we can professionally edit, color correct, add in custom titling and motion graphics to provide you with a top notch version you'll be proud to show off.

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